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About us

Fruchthansa at a glance

Over 40 years of competent service in the worldwide produce market. The longstanding direct contacts with our producer/exporter partners are a major capital, the excellent understanding with them give us the possibility to offer to and realize reliable production and marketing programs.

Facts at a glance:

    • Established in 1968 in Cologne Germany
    • Estimated 120-140 staff (depending on season)
    • Focus on formation of young people new to the team
    • Our locations: Wesseling, near Cologne, Germany and Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Our concept & people

We are a second generation family business.  Our customers and business partners  always come first. Loyalty and clairity in our relation with them as well as within our team is an indiscussable criteria. We always stand behind the quality of what we do - today and in the future. We consider customer satisfaction as the most valuable confirmation of our work.