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We at Fruchthansa,  see ourselves as the link between production and retail. 

Our challenge is to advise  our customers and producers at our best competence. We consider not only quality and taste of our products but also fairness, partnership and environmental aspects of highest importance four our sourcing. Consequently also regional products are of continuosly growing importance for our product portfolio.

Our Wesseling headquarters with it´s state of the art logistic center represent todays most advanced fruit handling technology.  It includes the banana ripening as well as the fruit and vegetable packing facility. From here, we also run a fleet of Fruchthansa owned refrigerated trucks.

Fruchthansa group of companies is family owned and employs, depending on the season, between 120-140 people.  In our daily operations we practice internally as well as with our trading partners an open and direct communication.  This enhances in line with our high level of transparency in our internal operation-procedures a fast decision making.

The formation of young people  in the commercial as well as the industrial sector has a long tradition in our company. We feel it is important to facilitate young people a good start into their careers and at the same time create  interest in our industry.